12 YouTube Videos That Will Change Your Life or At Least Make You Think About Changing It: Part 2

by Lisa H.

This week we continue to move through the series of the top 12 inspiration videos on YouTube. If you are new to the series, you can catch up here. By now, your eyes should be dry and your Kleenex boxes full again. Each set of the next set of videos holds a special place in my heart. As an African American, as an athlete, as a woman and as a daughter. Although controversy surrounds a couple of the people in these videos, the messages are nonetheless inspirational. So, without keeping you further, here is the second set of YouTube videos that will change your life or at least make you think about changing it.

Protect Your Goals

This video is a reminder that with the right determination, focus and commitment we can achieve anything that we want even if our families and closest friends don’t think that we can. Hold your goals close to your heart and work everyday to achieve them.

Yes We Can

Despite what your views on president Obama are, the creativity of this Emmy award winning video is undeniable. It is a true underdog story sung in three powerful words: “Yes We Can”.

You Raise Me Up

As a runner, this next video strikes a person chord with me. Days, months, years of training all coming down to 100 yards; less than 10 seconds. No matter how much work you have put into something, there is never a guarantee that you will come in first place; but you are always a winner when you try.

If You Can’t Walk, Crawl

I remember being captivated by this race in 1997. It is a true testament to the will of the human mind. After 140 miles of punishing swimming, cycling and running, the race came down to less than 100 feet. I don’t know what the prize purse in this particular race was, but often, the difference between places at such an elite level can be thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

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