Light Up Your Shame

by Lisa H.

Alley ways, hall ways, dark corridors, backseats, darkness. Lurking. Ducking, hiding, weaving, deceiving. What am I talking about? SHAME.

Shame eats the soul from the inside out. Gnawing , chewing, sometimes engulfing voraciously; leaving behind a carcass of what you used to be.

What are you hiding?

What are you afraid of?

What do you think they will find out?

What don’t you want them to know?

What aren’t you admitting to yourself?

We have all done or thought things that we are ashamed of. We are human. You are ok. We can only act at the level of our consciousness. Don’t hide in the darkness any more. Light the way.

Release yourself .

Today, tell someone something you are ashamed of.

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