Why Do Startups Love To Have Ping Pong Tables At The Offices?


The stress one would have to pass through at the office could tell a lot on such individual. Moments of Headache spasms, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety and Panic attacks, are part of the illnesses and disorders which could plague an individual who has worked himself for long hours on end, and barely has time to rest, which would do the body a whole lot of good.

Startup companies and brands are aware of occurrences like this among the employed staff. As a matter of fact, the employees are not the only victims of the effects of this stress, the employers themselves are most times not usually left out. In the end, it is evident that everyone has a share in the package which stress brings. Hence, some startup companies which still want to maintain efficiency and achieve the targeted output, would set up measures to ensure that their employees and they themselves have the ample opportunity to relax.


play ping pong at home

Relaxing sure has a lot of benefits, it slows down one’s heart rate which is usually on the high side during a stressed period, it also lowers one’s blood pressure and slows down one’s breathing rate. One sure way which Startups can use to relax, is to have a Ping Pong or a table tennis structure. This can take place during any of the startup break. In actual fact, it is even possible to have two Ping Pong structures in place.

Most employers who have Ping Pong structures for the brand or company, usually attest to the fact that it is a great avenue for offering the employees the atmosphere to propel inspiring, artistic and inventive thinking. Asides this, it ensures that they develop the attitude of commitment and the prompt delivery of tasks.

Also, having Ping Pong at offices implies that all members of staff cum players would have to be divided into different teams. Now, each team would be saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that they come out top. This would then pave way for team work and cooperation alongside. In no time, it tends to strengthen the relationship among team members. For the sake of continuity, an office Ping Pong tournament could be organized, this would make sure that the workers would be at the top of their game. Similarly, outside the game of Ping Pong, these workers would undoubtedly have a smooth and better working relationship with each other, and when this happens, one can be sure to have higher productivity due to increased output since everyone is like-minded.

Another benefit which Ping Pong brings when it comes to being played by office workers, is the improvement of one’s thoughtfulness and flairs. The game of Ping Pong happens to be one of the few indoor games which stimulates thinking and attentiveness. After some sufficient moments of playing Ping Pong, there is a 90% chance that employees would go back to work with a sharper mindset.

An anonymous school of thought suggests that happier employees are more committed and involved in their work than conventional workers with the indifference attitude.


The installation of the Ping Pong table in an office could have its challenges however. One of such major challenges is usually the space which would conveniently envelop the game structure, this is the headache which most employers might have to deal with. Advisably, the location or placement of the Ping Pong structure should be quite a distance from the workplace, still within the office. This would guarantee that attention is not shifted from work. When it is time to work, it should be duly maintained, and when it is time for fun, it should follow suit as well.

Also, another better solution to combating the issue of space within an office for the installation of a Ping Pong structure, is getting a Ping Pong conversion table. This would cure the headache of having to look for a space. Any good-looking table with a nice carriage can be conveniently used.

In this world, where the competition is stiff, companies should deem it fit to strike the necessary balance between the concept of work and play within the office.

How Can I Practice Ping Pong By Myself?

practice by myself


Any sport or game which is played by an individual needs a form of drill or run-through before it is mastered. Truth be told, it is quite impossible to attain mastery of any sport. Those who are regarded as masters of a sport, are merely better skilled and trained that others. A master of a game is someone who has no single flaws while playing. Such person would attain a perfect score if marks were being allotted.

A master of a game would undoubtedly have the highest level of proficiency. In reality, there is no master of a game or a sport. However, it is very possible for an individual to attain a reasonable level of skillfulness. Such skillfulness is gotten through constant practice and commitment to learning the game. Asides constant practice, exposure to professional players in other locations or regions makes one better.


The game of Ping Pong works with the same rules too. Ping Pong happens to be a sport which can cause a drastic improvement in someone’s life. A good Ping Pong player is entitled to being a recipient of lots of money, which can be gotten through playing in competitions. Someone who wants to learn how to play Ping Pong should realize that it goes way beyond hitting the ball. It requires one to learn how to control the ball with the paddle.

First and foremost, one needs to learn the rules of the game. There are certain instructions and guidelines which must be followed. One needs to be aware of these instructions and even observe them while playing. It is possible for a skilled Ping Pong player to lose to his opponent if the rules of the game are not followed. So, the best thing one needs to do before starting to play, is to know the rules.

Next, one needs to get a good paddle. For starters who want to practice Ping Pong, it is advisable to get a beginner paddle. These paddles are crafted in such a way that they can handle slackened spins and speeds which are not in any way high. The structure of these paddles would ensure that the beginner has a firmer control of the ball, and a grip of the paddle eventually.

Body preparation too needs to be put into consideration, one would find out that it is much easier to practice with another player than to practice alone or a ping pong robot, and the fact is, practising alone helps one to develop the body movement in all ramifications. For beginners, one’s body needs to attain a good level of balance and also flexible movements in all directions. During the play of Ping Pong, the body would need to return to its initial position following every ball stroke.

Also, during the practice of Ping Pong by one’s self, one would have to learn how to move swiftly. It would most likely occur that the ball would move in any direction which could be far from where one is standing, a swift movement would ensure that one gets to the ball faster in time to return it to the opponent. It would also be highly advantageous if one is able to move quite fast from one point to another, and still have control of the ball during motion. To achieve this, it is advisable for one to do frequent exercises which improves speed. Exercises such as jogging and stretching could suffice.

Furthermore, when practising Ping Pong, one needs to learn how to target placing the ball at corners, this is usually the best point where the ball is played to. Placing the ball at corners could be a herculean task, but constant practice should see one master it in no time. When one is playing Ping Pong, and the balls are frequently placed at the corners, it gives the player an edge over the opponent. Whilst learning how to do this, it could also be a perfect opportunity to improve on one’s technique. After one has undergone series of practice sessions, it would be easy to figure out what works best for one.

During self-practice, one should always be on the lookout for one’s playing skills to note if progress is being made.

Why Are The Chinese Good At Ping Pong?

chinese ping pong


Currently in the world, reports have it that no sport is dominated like the way the Chinese have stood out in Ping Pong or Table Tennis as it is called. Since the game was introduced in 1988 at the Olympics, the Chinese have won a whopping sixteen (16) medals. Taking a quick look at the 2008 Olympics which held in Beijing, the highest ranking persons in Table Tennis were all Chinese.

Chinese women have been privileged to be recipients of 11 gold medals out of a possible 12 medals at the Olympics, since its addition in 1988. Also, since 1961, they have added to their trophies cabinet, 17 world single titles. Asides the 1991 event where a South Korean woman earned the berth, no woman of Non-Asian origin, has been able to win either the Olympics or the World Championship since 1955.

The Chinese men have not fared quite as excellent as the Chinese women. Since the 1970s, the Chinese men have won 20 world titles. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the men happened to win the previous four world championships and also 7 gold medals out of 10 at the Olympics. For the past ten years however, the Chinese men have been reported to have won almost every Olympics and world title in Table Tennis/Ping Pong.

One would wonder why the Chinese deliver excellently well when it comes to Ping Pong/ Table Tennis, a factor which should be responsible for this, is the great population which China has. The population of China currently is in Billions, and one can imagine the number of people who would be playing the sport. Since when it was pronounced as a national sport in the 1950s, the country has fully accepted the game. As a matter of fact, it would not be wrong to say that Ping Pong/ Table Tennis is the official indoor game of the Chinese.


In China presently, it is a rare sight for you not to see a Ping Pong table at any park. Almost all the schools in China has a Table Tennis team which takes out time to train, and also participate in almost all Table Tennis championships. Some quarters have hinted that, since Ping Pong is one sport whose success is not hinged on the size of the player, it would be easier for the Chinese to thrive as any other nationality would in this aspect.

Also, the recruitment process for prodigious talents exhibited in the game of Ping Pong is done expertly. This recruitment is usually done at a young age, and they are fixed into special schools which would help the young one’s harness and properly utilize their skills as they grow older. As reported, Chinese players spend ample time in practising each day. Sometimes, their training session is usually supervised by Top players.

It is then normal to state that all the strategies put in place when it comes to Ping Pong/Table Tennis in China, is enough to bring about the success achieved on a grand scale.

In China, it is a conventional sight for you to see players with their personal individual practice partners. Hardly do they practice professionally without the aid of a practice partner. The benefit in this is, it is always an avenue for the practice players to work on their weaknesses and increase in their strong point. So most times, these players spend the training session working on any inherent fault.

Taking it further, these practice players are exposed to video training sessions of professional Chinese players and even professional players from other nations. So it is quite possible for a player to spend countless hours learning one or two skills, until it is perfected to a reasonable extent.

Another astounding specialty which the Chinese exhibit, is the provision of a psychological, strategic and mental staff which ensures that Chinese Ping Pong players get the best support ever. These category of people work all round the clock to see to it that the players take their game to an acceptable level.

Obviously, it is almost impossible to state that China’s success in Ping Pong/ Table Tennis boils down to a single secret.