How Can I Practice Ping Pong By Myself?

practice by myself


Any sport or game which is played by an individual needs a form of drill or run-through before it is mastered. Truth be told, it is quite impossible to attain mastery of any sport. Those who are regarded as masters of a sport, are merely better skilled and trained that others. A master of a game is someone who has no single flaws while playing. Such person would attain a perfect score if marks were being allotted.

A master of a game would undoubtedly have the highest level of proficiency. In reality, there is no master of a game or a sport. However, it is very possible for an individual to attain a reasonable level of skillfulness. Such skillfulness is gotten through constant practice and commitment to learning the game. Asides constant practice, exposure to professional players in other locations or regions makes one better.


The game of Ping Pong works with the same rules too. Ping Pong happens to be a sport which can cause a drastic improvement in someone’s life. A good Ping Pong player is entitled to being a recipient of lots of money, which can be gotten through playing in competitions. Someone who wants to learn how to play Ping Pong should realize that it goes way beyond hitting the ball. It requires one to learn how to control the ball with the paddle.

First and foremost, one needs to learn the rules of the game. There are certain instructions and guidelines which must be followed. One needs to be aware of these instructions and even observe them while playing. It is possible for a skilled Ping Pong player to lose to his opponent if the rules of the game are not followed. So, the best thing one needs to do before starting to play, is to know the rules.

Next, one needs to get a good paddle. For starters who want to practice Ping Pong, it is advisable to get a beginner paddle. These paddles are crafted in such a way that they can handle slackened spins and speeds which are not in any way high. The structure of these paddles would ensure that the beginner has a firmer control of the ball, and a grip of the paddle eventually.

Body preparation too needs to be put into consideration, one would find out that it is much easier to practice with another player than to practice alone or a ping pong robot, and the fact is, practising alone helps one to develop the body movement in all ramifications. For beginners, one’s body needs to attain a good level of balance and also flexible movements in all directions. During the play of Ping Pong, the body would need to return to its initial position following every ball stroke.

Also, during the practice of Ping Pong by one’s self, one would have to learn how to move swiftly. It would most likely occur that the ball would move in any direction which could be far from where one is standing, a swift movement would ensure that one gets to the ball faster in time to return it to the opponent. It would also be highly advantageous if one is able to move quite fast from one point to another, and still have control of the ball during motion. To achieve this, it is advisable for one to do frequent exercises which improves speed. Exercises such as jogging and stretching could suffice.

Furthermore, when practising Ping Pong, one needs to learn how to target placing the ball at corners, this is usually the best point where the ball is played to. Placing the ball at corners could be a herculean task, but constant practice should see one master it in no time. When one is playing Ping Pong, and the balls are frequently placed at the corners, it gives the player an edge over the opponent. Whilst learning how to do this, it could also be a perfect opportunity to improve on one’s technique. After one has undergone series of practice sessions, it would be easy to figure out what works best for one.

During self-practice, one should always be on the lookout for one’s playing skills to note if progress is being made.