Why Do Startups Love To Have Ping Pong Tables At The Offices?


The stress one would have to pass through at the office could tell a lot on such individual. Moments of Headache spasms, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety and Panic attacks, are part of the illnesses and disorders which could plague an individual who has worked himself for long hours on end, and barely has time to rest, which would do the body a whole lot of good.

Startup companies and brands are aware of occurrences like this among the employed staff. As a matter of fact, the employees are not the only victims of the effects of this stress, the employers themselves are most times not usually left out. In the end, it is evident that everyone has a share in the package which stress brings. Hence, some startup companies which still want to maintain efficiency and achieve the targeted output, would set up measures to ensure that their employees and they themselves have the ample opportunity to relax.


play ping pong at home

Relaxing sure has a lot of benefits, it slows down one’s heart rate which is usually on the high side during a stressed period, it also lowers one’s blood pressure and slows down one’s breathing rate. One sure way which Startups can use to relax, is to have a Ping Pong or a table tennis structure. This can take place during any of the startup break. In actual fact, it is even possible to have two Ping Pong structures in place.

Most employers who have Ping Pong structures for the brand or company, usually attest to the fact that it is a great avenue for offering the employees the atmosphere to propel inspiring, artistic and inventive thinking. Asides this, it ensures that they develop the attitude of commitment and the prompt delivery of tasks.

Also, having Ping Pong at offices implies that all members of staff cum players would have to be divided into different teams. Now, each team would be saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that they come out top. This would then pave way for team work and cooperation alongside. In no time, it tends to strengthen the relationship among team members. For the sake of continuity, an office Ping Pong tournament could be organized, this would make sure that the workers would be at the top of their game. Similarly, outside the game of Ping Pong, these workers would undoubtedly have a smooth and better working relationship with each other, and when this happens, one can be sure to have higher productivity due to increased output since everyone is like-minded.

Another benefit which Ping Pong brings when it comes to being played by office workers, is the improvement of one’s thoughtfulness and flairs. The game of Ping Pong happens to be one of the few indoor games which stimulates thinking and attentiveness. After some sufficient moments of playing Ping Pong, there is a 90% chance that employees would go back to work with a sharper mindset.

An anonymous school of thought suggests that happier employees are more committed and involved in their work than conventional workers with the indifference attitude.


The installation of the Ping Pong table in an office could have its challenges however. One of such major challenges is usually the space which would conveniently envelop the game structure, this is the headache which most employers might have to deal with. Advisably, the location or placement of the Ping Pong structure should be quite a distance from the workplace, still within the office. This would guarantee that attention is not shifted from work. When it is time to work, it should be duly maintained, and when it is time for fun, it should follow suit as well.

Also, another better solution to combating the issue of space within an office for the installation of a Ping Pong structure, is getting a Ping Pong conversion table. This would cure the headache of having to look for a space. Any good-looking table with a nice carriage can be conveniently used.

In this world, where the competition is stiff, companies should deem it fit to strike the necessary balance between the concept of work and play within the office.

How Can I Practice Ping Pong By Myself?

practice by myself


Any sport or game which is played by an individual needs a form of drill or run-through before it is mastered. Truth be told, it is quite impossible to attain mastery of any sport. Those who are regarded as masters of a sport, are merely better skilled and trained that others. A master of a game is someone who has no single flaws while playing. Such person would attain a perfect score if marks were being allotted.

A master of a game would undoubtedly have the highest level of proficiency. In reality, there is no master of a game or a sport. However, it is very possible for an individual to attain a reasonable level of skillfulness. Such skillfulness is gotten through constant practice and commitment to learning the game. Asides constant practice, exposure to professional players in other locations or regions makes one better.


The game of Ping Pong works with the same rules too. Ping Pong happens to be a sport which can cause a drastic improvement in someone’s life. A good Ping Pong player is entitled to being a recipient of lots of money, which can be gotten through playing in competitions. Someone who wants to learn how to play Ping Pong should realize that it goes way beyond hitting the ball. It requires one to learn how to control the ball with the paddle.

First and foremost, one needs to learn the rules of the game. There are certain instructions and guidelines which must be followed. One needs to be aware of these instructions and even observe them while playing. It is possible for a skilled Ping Pong player to lose to his opponent if the rules of the game are not followed. So, the best thing one needs to do before starting to play, is to know the rules.

Next, one needs to get a good paddle. For starters who want to practice Ping Pong, it is advisable to get a beginner paddle. These paddles are crafted in such a way that they can handle slackened spins and speeds which are not in any way high. The structure of these paddles would ensure that the beginner has a firmer control of the ball, and a grip of the paddle eventually.

Body preparation too needs to be put into consideration, one would find out that it is much easier to practice with another player than to practice alone or a ping pong robot, and the fact is, practising alone helps one to develop the body movement in all ramifications. For beginners, one’s body needs to attain a good level of balance and also flexible movements in all directions. During the play of Ping Pong, the body would need to return to its initial position following every ball stroke.

Also, during the practice of Ping Pong by one’s self, one would have to learn how to move swiftly. It would most likely occur that the ball would move in any direction which could be far from where one is standing, a swift movement would ensure that one gets to the ball faster in time to return it to the opponent. It would also be highly advantageous if one is able to move quite fast from one point to another, and still have control of the ball during motion. To achieve this, it is advisable for one to do frequent exercises which improves speed. Exercises such as jogging and stretching could suffice.

Furthermore, when practising Ping Pong, one needs to learn how to target placing the ball at corners, this is usually the best point where the ball is played to. Placing the ball at corners could be a herculean task, but constant practice should see one master it in no time. When one is playing Ping Pong, and the balls are frequently placed at the corners, it gives the player an edge over the opponent. Whilst learning how to do this, it could also be a perfect opportunity to improve on one’s technique. After one has undergone series of practice sessions, it would be easy to figure out what works best for one.

During self-practice, one should always be on the lookout for one’s playing skills to note if progress is being made.

Why Are The Chinese Good At Ping Pong?

chinese ping pong


Currently in the world, reports have it that no sport is dominated like the way the Chinese have stood out in Ping Pong or Table Tennis as it is called. Since the game was introduced in 1988 at the Olympics, the Chinese have won a whopping sixteen (16) medals. Taking a quick look at the 2008 Olympics which held in Beijing, the highest ranking persons in Table Tennis were all Chinese.

Chinese women have been privileged to be recipients of 11 gold medals out of a possible 12 medals at the Olympics, since its addition in 1988. Also, since 1961, they have added to their trophies cabinet, 17 world single titles. Asides the 1991 event where a South Korean woman earned the berth, no woman of Non-Asian origin, has been able to win either the Olympics or the World Championship since 1955.

The Chinese men have not fared quite as excellent as the Chinese women. Since the 1970s, the Chinese men have won 20 world titles. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the men happened to win the previous four world championships and also 7 gold medals out of 10 at the Olympics. For the past ten years however, the Chinese men have been reported to have won almost every Olympics and world title in Table Tennis/Ping Pong.

One would wonder why the Chinese deliver excellently well when it comes to Ping Pong/ Table Tennis, a factor which should be responsible for this, is the great population which China has. The population of China currently is in Billions, and one can imagine the number of people who would be playing the sport. Since when it was pronounced as a national sport in the 1950s, the country has fully accepted the game. As a matter of fact, it would not be wrong to say that Ping Pong/ Table Tennis is the official indoor game of the Chinese.


In China presently, it is a rare sight for you not to see a Ping Pong table at any park. Almost all the schools in China has a Table Tennis team which takes out time to train, and also participate in almost all Table Tennis championships. Some quarters have hinted that, since Ping Pong is one sport whose success is not hinged on the size of the player, it would be easier for the Chinese to thrive as any other nationality would in this aspect.

Also, the recruitment process for prodigious talents exhibited in the game of Ping Pong is done expertly. This recruitment is usually done at a young age, and they are fixed into special schools which would help the young one’s harness and properly utilize their skills as they grow older. As reported, Chinese players spend ample time in practising each day. Sometimes, their training session is usually supervised by Top players.

It is then normal to state that all the strategies put in place when it comes to Ping Pong/Table Tennis in China, is enough to bring about the success achieved on a grand scale.

In China, it is a conventional sight for you to see players with their personal individual practice partners. Hardly do they practice professionally without the aid of a practice partner. The benefit in this is, it is always an avenue for the practice players to work on their weaknesses and increase in their strong point. So most times, these players spend the training session working on any inherent fault.

Taking it further, these practice players are exposed to video training sessions of professional Chinese players and even professional players from other nations. So it is quite possible for a player to spend countless hours learning one or two skills, until it is perfected to a reasonable extent.

Another astounding specialty which the Chinese exhibit, is the provision of a psychological, strategic and mental staff which ensures that Chinese Ping Pong players get the best support ever. These category of people work all round the clock to see to it that the players take their game to an acceptable level.

Obviously, it is almost impossible to state that China’s success in Ping Pong/ Table Tennis boils down to a single secret.

Why Investing in Truck GPS is a Good Decision?

Why Investing in Truck GPS is a Good Decision?

Why Investing in Truck GPS is a Good Decision?

Every fleet supervisor knows that a stolen truck is faster and simpler to locate if it’s miles equipped with a GPS monitoring tool. How probable you’re to have a truck stolen relies upon on what form of shipment you carry in your vans. What’s in the ones trucks ought to account for greater than six stable motives to invest in GPS for vans.

If your employer works on authorities contract to construct and deliver bombs and ammunition to navy bases, those vehicles will be in excessive danger as they move across the country. Finding a stolen truck fast could be vital. If, on the other hand, you’re transferring toothpicks and Popsicle sticks, the speed of recovery might be less crucial. But the fee for the shipment might count number for your organization.

While the velocity of recovery of stolen motors is the leading cause to put in GPS for vans, there are many different motives that are probably equally important in your overall performance as a fleet supervisor and to the corporation. Among the opposite reasons for installing GPS for trucks are those 5:

Check the Location

With GPS for trucks, you may recognize exactly where each truck is at every minute of the day or night. If you are the form of fleet manager who will now not leave work till you know every truck is accurately parked for the night, you won’t want to wait for a telephone name. If the timing of deliveries is important, you may live on the pinnacle of anticipated arrival instances and notify customers when a motive force is in advance of schedule or at the back of. If you use a fleet of carrier automobiles, you realize which car is closest to a client with a real emergency.

Workplace Resources

With GPS for trucks, you will recognize why it takes your shipping person an hour to get throughout town with a workplace resources order whilst you force it in 20 minutes each nighttime to get domestic. That transport person won’t need to tell you she is intentionally taking the longest and slowest possible course to reduce her workload. But with the reviews from GPS for trucks, you may prove that this is what he is doing.

Geo-Fencing Functionality

Has someone suggested seeing your motors parked at a bar 30 miles away every day at lunchtime? Use the geo-fencing functionality of GPS for vehicles and get hold of an alert. Then print out a document at the give up of the day to prove in which they have been whilst you dock their pay.


You can also use your GPS for trucks capabilities to reveal protection wishes of each if you receive an alert while a trouble begins, you may spend a long way less on fixing the trouble than it would value if the truck becomes sitting on the facet of the street inside the center of nowhere.

Driving Behaviour

Your GPS for vans also can assist you accurate horrific driving behavior. You can agenda reports so as to warn you to ordinary speeders. You can check to a peer who is attempting to tug race far from visitors lighting fixtures in a four-ton truck. You also can see who’s leaving a car idling too lengthy.


All of that driver behavior ends up pricey to the organization over the years. If you could accurate the issues with a simple device that attaches to the steering shaft, you may reduce the related fees. These are just five of the methods GPS for vans will make you and your fleet more effective, extra efficient and more green by saving gasoline. Saving money for the enterprise, making the group look top, and probably earning a boost, might be an excellent sufficient motive to check out the fee of GPS for trucks.

When You Should Avoid Android Auto Head Unit

Android Auto Head Unit

These days, an increasing number of human beings flip to their phones for GPS and song of their vehicle. And why wouldn’t they? Google Maps is manner better than something lame machine is built into your automobile. Enter Android Auto: the pleasant of what your cellphone gives, however constructed into the head unit of your dash.

Much like Android Wear, Auto has an app that runs on the smartphone, which does all of the heavy lifting for you. As soon as you install the app and plug the smartphone into an Auto unit, it pairs the cellphone over Bluetooth and handles the whole thing else over the USB connection—little or no is required of the consumer to get commenced. This is the identical app that runs the cellphone-primarily based interface, however again, we’ll cowl that during element down underneath.

Once it’s all up and going for walks, you may simply toss the cellphone into the console, into your lap, or anywhere. From this point ahead, it’ll be rendered basically vain—Auto will pressure itself into the foreground of the phone, doing away with get admission to to all controls apart from Home and Back. The idea is to hold your eyes off your smartphone whilst riding. It’s smart.

The protection features don’t prevent with the telephone, either—Auto itself has sure protection features built-in. For example, it’s going to best allow you to scroll thru three pages (or so) in things like Pandora or Google Play Music if the parking brake isn’t engaged. This can make it especially irritating to find a certain playlist or tune, mainly if it’s determined inside the backside half of a listing.

Where Android Auto Falls Short

When You Should Avoid Android Auto Head Unit

Android Auto isn’t best, of direction. The biggest difficulty is with voice manipulate. Sometimes it labored nicely, different times it had trouble expertise. It occasionally has a hard time with Pandora stations, too: pronouncing “Play Alice in Chains Radio on Pandora” doesn’t usually result in Alice in Chains Radio station being performed, but instead the remaining-performed station will just begin—basically, it simply launches Pandora as it doesn’t understand what to do with “play Alice in Chains radio.”

There’s additionally the problem of fee. If you’re getting a new automobile, then you can include Auto for your “want” list and be finished with it. So in case you already have a telephone and a reasonably-priced dock, why spend hundreds of bucks on an Android Auto unit?

Android Auto on Your Phone

The Android Auto app on your cellphone is just like a head unit, with some significant differences. As a long way as interface is worried, the Autophone experience is pretty just like that of a head unit, although the layout is barely distinct. Once the app is released, it forces a totally one-of-a-kind enjoy than what you’re using to seeing on your handset: the entirety is big, the controls are simplistic. The controls are at the lowest—much like at the Auto head unit—with all of the same options, we noticed above. If you turn your phone into landscape mode, but, the controls move to the right aspect.

Also like at the Auto automobile revel in, the menu is located inside the top-left corner. The contents of this menu will change according to something is walking in the foreground.  It’s very intuitive, albeit barely extra confined than the way menus work on head gadgets.

Where the Phone Experience Falls Short

Of route, there are downsides to simply using your phone. Personally, I’ve had heaps of troubles with phones getting warm or even overheating whilst running music and navigation while charging in a dock at the sprint. That’s just loads occurring at once, and the sprint of the automobile is a stupid-hot region inside the summer. I stay in Texas, aka the surface of the sun, in order that doesn’t help. The quantity of instances I’ve had telephones reboot or shut down from overheating is astounding.


So if you’re within the market for a new car, there’s no actual purpose to no longer get one with Auto integrated. It’s extraordinary to have. But if your contemporary car doesn’t have it and you’re thinking about upgrading to an Android Auto head unit, it’s likely higher to simply…no longer. Your smartphone can essentially cover most of the people of the bases, and it’ll prevent a grand. Really, there’s no comparison.

4 Signs it’s Time to Stop Doing and Make a Change

Have you ever heard the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again?”

But should you always try? What if you are performing an activity you are no longer interested in? What if you want to use your time and talents in a different way?

Sometimes quitting is one of the best decisions you can make. I’m not talking about stopping at the 25th mile of  a marathon (26.2 miles) because you’re tired. I am talking about ending a relationship or work situation that no longer satisfies you. There is no point in sticking with something just to be deemed not a quitter.

But sometimes it is hard to know whether to change direction or push on. So, let’s look at some signs that will help you gauge when enough is enough and it’s time to change direction.

1. You don’t like what you’re doing

If you don’t like what you’re doing it is time for a change. Let’s take your job for example. Ask yourself if the stress and discontentment of your predicament are worth it–year after year dragging yourself to work, knowing you have 10, 20 or 30 years to go before retirement. Is that what you want for your life?

Find out what kind of work would make your soul sing and begin putting things in place to achieve that. Do you need to go back to school? Do you need any special certifications? Are there other positions in your company that fit your skill set? An average person spends 8-10 hours a day at work; wouldn’t it be great if those hours were enjoyable.

This isn’t to say there aren’t day to day tasks you may not enjoy doing, like washing dishes, grocery shopping or doing laundry, but those aren’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking about those things that have the power to lift your soul up or bring it down in a profound way, like your job, your relationships and activities you participate in.

2. You are too comfortable

Be honest with yourself. Have you become too comfortable in your life? Do you follow the same routine week after week with little or no variation? Do you have the same thoughts or say no to opportunities to grow? Or have you let your health decline by eating poorly or not exercising? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have become too comfortable and it is time for a change.

Variety is what keeps life interesting. Variety is what keeps passion alive. Variety is what gives you meaning and purpose. Begin to get out of your rut by saying ‘yes’ to opportunities outside of your comfort zone. You don’t want to spend your whole life experiencing nothing more than the 4 blocks around you. I know I’m being dramatic, but I’m sure you get the point. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away” ~unknown.

3. You are doing too much for others

We are taught to give selflessly, often at our own expense. Although giving to others is important, there comes a point when you have to say enough is enough and put yourself first. Many of us struggle with the guilt that follows when we do for ourselves. We grow up thinking caring for our self is selfish.

The word “selfish” is greatly misunderstood and needs replacement. It conjures up negative ideas such as taking without concern for others and being greedy and mean. So, instead of the word “selfish”, use the word “self-care.”

Self-caring is about maintaining your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  It means listening to your intuition and acting accordingly. It means finding community, connection, support, security, peace and inspiration when you need it.

And when you take care of yourself, you are better equipped to take care of others. You can equate it to the flight attendant on a plane instructing you to put on your oxygen mask before you attend to anyone else. After all, if you aren’t receiving oxygen, what use are you?

If you really want to fine tune your self caring, you’ve got to use your intuition to gain insight into what you’re needing. Take a look at this video for tips on how to tap into your intuition.

4. You are not happy

Not being content with your life is a sure sign something is awry. Ask yourself why you are not happy. Yes, ask yourself that questions and then answer it. What often surfaces for me is a list of things that I deeply want to do and am not currently doing. I want to be better organized. I want to up explore my psychic abilities. I want to love the work I do. I want peace an harmony. I want to feel passionate. Your dreams are just as important now as when you first had them and should not be denied.

Maybe you don’t have time to do all the activities you come up with, but you can find some way to incorporate at least a small portion of them into your life. For example, if you have always wanted to dance, take a dance class once or twice a week.

You see, many people fill their lives with commitments that bring them little to no satisfaction. Life is too short to be lived this way. While we do have obligations that are necessary for our basic day to day living, we should always make time to take care of ourselves.

What is it time for you to stop doing?

8 Tips to Avoid Massive Project Burnout & Meltdowns

“An obstacle is often a stepping stone. – PRESCOTT”

Over the last several years I have done quite a bit of painting around the house.

I would start out in the mornings nice and strong and full of energy, and as the project went on my energy level would start to go down, and then by the end of the day I would be hungry, tired and would barely have enough energy to clean the brushes–I was burned out.

And then one day it occurred to me that I didn’t have to allow a project to make me feel that way.

Here’s how to complete a project without burning out:

Approach the project with the right attitude

Your attitude towards a project will determine how you feel while you are doing it.

If you approach your project with resentment, it will become difficult to impossible to enjoy, and time will creep by slower than a heard of turtles going through mud after a big lunch.

However, if you approach your project with a positive attitude, not only will time fly by, but you may even find it enjoyable.

If it is a project that you just cannot bring yourself to do consider hiring someone; paying someone else do the work is better than having an unfinished bathroom or deck for example.

Avoid doing too much too soon

When we are excited about a project, we can really get caught up in the excitement of it—especially when we think about the benefits it will bring to our lives once complete. In spite of your excitement, hold yourself back. If you do too much too soon, your chances off becoming burned out quickly go up, and you may find yourself stopping the project soon after you start.

So, before you begin the project, know how long it is going to take, and then decide how much work you will be able to put in each day. Take into consideration breaks, days off and all of those other things (fun and necessary) that you do to keep your life in balance.

Work Steadily

Carry out your project at a steady pace (unless you have real deadline and not one of those deadlines where you just want to get it done as soon as possible). Moving too quickly can cause scatteredness and anxiety which can lead to mistakes you then have to go back and correct. One time in my haste to get a room painted, I spilled an entire can of paint.

I am sure you would rather spend your time doing something else rather than correcting mistakes that were completely preventable had you slowed down.

Take short breaks

Take short breaks to eat, drink, sit down and relax for a little, and yes use the bathroom. Some people can get so focused on the project they forget to take care of themselves. They just want to get it done and then by the end they are dehydrated, hungry, cranky, and just not fun to be around.

I’m not saying any names, but it gets nutty around our house when a certain loved-one (my boyfriend) doesn’t take breaks during a project. Seriously, it is better to take small breaks throughout the project and have it take a little longer–you will be so much happier, and so will everyone else around you.

Take long breaks

If short breaks don’t keep you sane, take longer ones if you can. Yes, there are some times you need to push and grind to meet a deadline, but if you truly can avoid that then do.  Take for example painting a room. You might decide to do the ceiling one weekend, two of the walls on another weekend and the last two on the third weekend with a total project time of 3 weeks.

Splitting your project across multiple weekends will allow maintain your sanity by giving you the time to do other thing you enjoy. In fact, I stained our deck this way. I did one section a day until it was complete and there were even a few days no sections got done.

Work within your rhythm

Consider working on the project according to your circadian rhythm. Are you a morning person, or are you at your best in the afternoon. Knowing this will give you an idea of when you are most likely to feel your best while doing your project. Because I am a morning person I try to get most of my project work done then, so I don’t have it hanging over my head in the evenings and I can use that time to spend with my family.

Entertain yourself while working

Having entertainment can make the project go by quicker. I’m sure you’re no stranger to this. Try listening to music, a book on tape or turning on the television the next time. My favorite thing is podcasts. I love to learn, so I load up the iPod with lessons.

Get help

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family members for help. Let them know ahead of time so they can schedule and prepare for the tasks ahead. For some people it can be difficult to ask for help. Get over it. If it’s something you’re uncomfortable with, it will be good practice. Depending on the length of the project, consider having snacks or a nice lunch as a gesture of appreciation.

The Manifestation of You. You are Not Your Ego

“We have always been involved in spiritual evolution. We are spiritual beings, we have always been spiritual beings and we will always be spiritual beings.”~ Gary Zukav ~

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you needed something from another person?

Maybe you needed money, time, attention or something else. Were you able to get it from that other person? Most likely it depended on what it was. If you needed help moving, a kind word or a listening ear, probably so; but if you needed help raising your self-esteem, becoming happy or cultivating courage, you most likely had to look within.

I, like you, have been in situations where I thought I needed something only another could give me, only to find out it had to be cultivated from within. There are many people on this planet going crazy, desperately trying to find their soul-mate, without realizing they are the one they have been looking for. That another person cannot make you happy, they can only complement or destruct who you already are. The key to creating the life you want begins with taking full responsibility for the life you have now.

Sometimes we look at “responsibility” as being something to avoid, as it is often associated with restriction. But, it is actually the opposite; responsibility allows for more freedom. Instead of allowing circumstances, family, friends or societal pressures to govern the direction of your life, you make the responsible choice to govern your life yourself.

Making choices and the creation process

Our very power comes from our ability to make choices in our lives, from where we live, to where we work, to who we marry to whether we evolve consciously.

Sometimes these choices are easy and other times they are difficult. Many people have awakened as a result of a breakup, serious illness or loss of a loved one. Our experiences, the way we think and how we perceive the world all affect what choices we deem difficult or easy. Difficult choices often come with the fear we will make a wrong choice, thereby creating a painful destiny.

But, there are no wrong choices, only choices and consequences. I think Dr. Phil put it best when he said “sometimes you make the right decision and sometimes you have to make the decision right.” And if you choose a direction that does not suit you, you can always choose another one.

You always have a choice, even if that choice is how you respond to a predicament you really didn’t choose to be in. Nelson Mandela’s grace during his imprisonment was a shining example of this as was the grace of many others who were wrongfully imprisoned and since let free.

You even chose to be here on Earth at this time even though your mind cannot remember making that choice.  It wasn’t like someone on the other side said, “Hey! Incarnate into that human body or else!”

You are not your ego

One of the hangups with being human is we think we are our egos. You are not your ego! Your ego is that part of you that wants to be liked and accepted more than anything else in the world. In fact, your ego goes out of its way to please others and meet their expectations.

Your ego is that part of you that places high importance on being better than your fellow humans in whatever way you can. Your ego seeks status, revenge, accolades and other trophies.

You can look at your ego as having a  personality of its own. It believes it is real and eternal but knows on some level that it is not and that scares it. Your ego fights to keep itself intact and must be challenged so that it doesn’t take over your life and continue to cause suffering.

If you are not your ego, who are you

You are a student who has incarnated to learn lessons that can only be taught by having a human experience. They are the lessons of love and acceptance, self-esteem, forgiveness and courage. And each of our lessons is uniquely designed for our growth. Some people are met with a lot of joy, peace and contentment right off the bat, while others are faced with one adversity after another.

When we pass away, things will make much more sense to us. But we would like it to make more sense to you now. Think of being human like accessing the Internet — you cannot experience the Internet without a computer or other electronic device, and you cannot experience the Earth school without a body.

Okay, I’m going to get a little metaphysical here, so stick with me. Ghosts or spirits are pure conscious energy that no longer have a physical body. They are not on our frequency range but exist on ranges that are very close to our own, and that is why some people can hear, see and feel their presence. You don’t have to have special powers to have this experience; however, you do have to be open to it.

You see, your physical body oscillates, or vibrates, very slowly. It is also very heavy and dense. This is why we can interact with other slow, oscillating, heavy and dense objects like those here on earth.

So what about our souls?

What is a soul

Our souls do not reside inside our bodies; our bodies are aspects of our souls on missions. Think of it this way: our bodies are the vehicles our souls use to have earthly experiences. Your soul is EVERYWHERE. It permeates every pore, vein, meridian line and thought you have.

When you feel safe and secure, your soul can envelop an entire room; conversely, if you experience fear, your soul will contract to protect the body.

Your soul cannot be seen in the physical world but it is real nonetheless.

Why are we here

We are here to experience who we already are. Did you get that? You are here to experience who you already are. Your ego gets in the way of that—trying to turn you into something you are not. The result is misery and a sense of being unfulfilled.

You will know your ego is running your life if you are more concerned with what is going on outside of you than what is happening on the inside.

As you mature in life, it is natural to begin shedding the layers of your ego. You start to find that things like status, prestige and accolades don’t matter as much as peace, happiness, relationships, love and contentment. This shedding period can be a confusing and tumultuous time for many.

The key is to relax into it and allow love to take over.

I have a lot to say on this topic, and I have much more, but to wrap up this article, I’ll leave you with a quote from Gary Zukav, one of my favorite spiritual teachers ““Eventually, you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.”

The Most Harrowing Night of My Life

“You are stronger than you know.” ― Lori Osterman

It was September 17, 1989, 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and I remember it like yesterday. My sister and I were playing in the back yard with umbrellas. We were pretending to ride the wind like Mary Poppins. We had survived many hurricanes before and didn’t think much of this one.

The house had already been boarded in preparation for the storm and the refrigerator, freezer and cabinets stocked with goods. Candles, matches, flashlights and bottled water were also ready for use. As the day progressed, the wind became stronger and rain began to fall. One hour led to the next until I became weary enough to turn in for the evening. But all attempts to use the howling wind to lull me asleep failed.

You can only do so much

I tried to drown the sound by covering the screen with the blanket that had nurtured me through much of my childhood. I curiously watched for a moment as the force of the wind held it there. I knew if I could just get to sleep, it would be over soon and I would be OK. But that wasn’t to be the case. Not that night.

The blanket I placed over the screen soon became soaked and the rain began to target me. I accepted there would be no sleep this night. The sound of the wooden shutters being ripped from the windows with an anger only mother nature could deliver quickly confirmed this.

Small things matter most

Shortly after I arose, my mom said “We have to leave.” Looking at the ceiling, I noticed wet spots indicating its weakness. I went back for a small bag of sentimentals (mostly items from my boyfriend at the time) and we left. We got into the car and began the 100 yard drive to our neighbors, but fallen trees, branches and downed wires prevented us from getting there.

My mom was in the driver seat. My sister was next to her holding her newly adopted kitten. I was in the back seat behind my mother with my foster brother to the right of me. The car shook as lightning flashed, thunder boomed and debris flew through the air. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. I wasn’t sure if I was going to live or die. As my mom prayed, I slid my hands between the seat and the door and lightly grasped her arm. The warmth of her skin was a comfortable reminder I wasn’t alone.

There is strength in numbers

The eye of the hurricane brought just enough relief for our neighbors to come out and rescue us. Along with 10 others, we spent the rest of the night in a hallway taking turns sitting on paint cans.

The sound was like being in a jungle with every wild animal belting at the top of its lungs. And my ears constantly popped from the difference of pressure inside and outside the hallway. It was like a plane descending too quickly from the sky. Later, I would learn the winds were upwards of 200 miles per hour and during the storm, the island wasn’t detectable by radar.

You can handle more than you think

A beautiful sky greeted us the next morning. My first observation was how clean the house looked. It took a moment to realize it looked so clean because I was looking through it. The doors and windows had been ripped out their frames, the ceiling had fallen and the roof was nowhere to be found.

As I neared the house I could see the cabinets doors had also been torn off, the refrigerator doors were open and the stove was in a different position than the night before. The devastation was more than I could wrap my mind around. It is the kind of devastation that changes you on a cellular level. The kind of devastation that permeates every pore of your body and you know you’ll never be the same.

You’re alive and that’s something to celebrate

The four inch water that covered the tiled floor was brown and smelled like sewage. Bat remnants previously imprisoned by the ceiling, food and other possessions floated by.

The back yard was barely recognizable. Beams, ceiling fans, couches and pieces of galvanize decorated it. As I looked around, I realized the furniture had come from a fallen apartment complex three quarters of a mile away. Coupled with the leafless trees, it look like we’d been through some sort of nuclear war.

The first night was spent at an acquaintances whose apartment was left untouched by the storm. The second was a bed with my mom, sister and on the floor in a hallway of another acquaintance. My foster brother and dad were in a room with no outside walls and two beds that had a clear view of the stars. My mom said if we are going to stay in a place with no roof, we might as well stay home; at least three of our rooms were still roofed, so we went back.

Rebuilding happens from the inside out

Almost worse than the hurricane was what came after. The prison and hospital were destroyed and looters were running free. We had no electricity, running water, plumbing or food.

There was a 6 O’clock curfew on the island that military police from the mainland enforced. In army fatigues, red berets and guns, they also provided us with food and water. We stood in long lines to fill our gallon bottles and receive freeze dried army rations. Sometimes we ate at a school that had been turned into shelter. But not my school–there was nothing left of my classrooms, but the foundation.

But that wouldn’t be the only bizarre thing I witnessed.

I remember being in the kitchen looking at my mother cooking and then looking up at the sky. Seeing galvanize (roofing) wrapped around the tops of telephone poles, miles of downed wires, animals running rampid, overturned cars and massive flooding were others.

For several months we bathed in buckets, ate by candlelight and tried to rebuild ourselves. By December we had electricity and by April we had running water. That August, I left for college.

Every experience teaches you something about you

I was so traumatized by the experience that for many years rain, thunder, lighting and loud sounds would sent me into panic.

But if I was asked if I would erase this experience from my life, the answer would be no. There is nothing like an experience like this put life’s challenges in perspective. The day before hurricane HUGO, I was an 18 year old swimmer, in love, going to school while preparing for college. The next day, I was fighting for my life.

The Most Useful Tools for Gas Tankless Water Heater

Gas tankless water heaters are in great use these days. Users prefer these water heaters as they are provide many benefits. These are easy to store since they do not have any tank attached to them. Also, these tanks consume very little energy since they do not keep heating and reheating water. You are able to heat water whenever you need it. Thus, there is actually no wastage of energy in continuous heating and reheating.

Consumers all over the world are using these water heaters, due to their many advantages. However, when you choose to buy these appliances, you need to ensure that they are well maintained. Though, your plumber is the best person to carry out all the repairs and maintenance, you can still carry out a few basic repairs and maintenance jobs.

A few basic tasks such as some sounds due to loose fitting parts can be easily fixed at home. You needn’t call a plumber for the purpose. If you notice a leakage, you might be able to fix it yourself, so give it a try with some quick tools.

There are some easily available tools, which can be used to repair or fix small problems with the gas tankless water heater. If you have the basic knowledge and if you are quite comfortable with such work, you can carry out the repairs and maintenance all by yourself. Check out some of the most useful tools which are easily available.

Pipe Wrench

This is quite a useful tool which helps in removing or even tightening the pipe nipples. In case the pipe nipple you wish to remove is unlined and made from galvanized steel, you need to be aware. These sections have a tendency to get rusted and if this happens, they might even lose all their crucial structural integrity. If this happens, they might just snap off. Thus, a pipe wrench is quite handy in such a situation. This is used by plumbers all over the world to maintain gas tankless water heaters.

Adjustable Pliers

This is one important tool which helps in opening and also closing jaws which helps in accommodating various kinds of diameters. These pliers are mainly used to tighten the drain assemblies and also for the purpose of loosening flex-line nuts. The back side of this jaw helps in tapping the temperature or the pressure relief valve. This plier has unique rubberized handles which can be used for the purpose of removing standard dip tubes. These are often used in repairing gas tankless water heaters.

Basin Wrench and Crescent Wrench

This is a unique combination and used for mostly removing the drain valves. This wrench is also used for repairing and maintaining water heaters in case they do not work properly. There are jaws which usually lock on the plastic drain valve and close as soon as you are able to reach them. You can easily turn the basin wrench with the help of crescent wrench. There might still be a chance there the drain valve snaps. Thus, this is one of the most important tools needed by experts.

Hammer and Flat- Bladed Screwdriver

In case the plastic drain snaps, if you have a flat bladed screwdriver and a hammer, it will help in getting out of hot water. The towel is quite helpful and helps in absorbing the hot water which comes from the water heater. You can easily use the hammer and the screwdriver which helps in tapping the broken plastic piece from the threads. You can then again valve drain assembly with the help of pipe seal tape.

Hole Saw Bit and Drill

We all know the use of drills and how it looks like. These are one of the most common appliances which are easily available as well. It helps in cutting holes and helps in drilling. This drill helps in cutting steel rings which is usually found in the cold water inlet ports of the water heaters.

These were some of the most useful tools which are available for use. If you are able to carry out the repairs yourself, you can try yourself. If even after using the tools, you notice your problem isn’t getting solved, you should get in touch with professionals as soon as you can.