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Overcoming Fear: Are You Ready to Stick it To What's Holding You Back?

Overcoming Fear is a supercharged collection of articles and audio interviews created to help you do one thing--and one thing only--manage your fear so that you can stick it to what's holding you back.

See what's inside...

Overcoming Fear

- 49 Pages of fear-busting, inspirational guidance

- 3 hours of expert audio on fear and living your best life

- Chance to win a coaching session of unlimited time

- Over 20 of the most awesome fearless quotes

- 30 Day Money-back guarantee (email us if not satisfied)

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About the Authors: Justin Mazza, Lisa H. Wright, Mohamed Tohami


You get all this...

Overcoming Fear: Sticking it To What's  Holding You Back

49 pages of inspirational articles and actionable steps uniquely intertwined to help you stick it to what's holding you back. Don't wait any longer to live the life that you want! Let this eBook take you through the journey of mastering your fear.

Fearless Audio Interview Series

  • 50 minute interview with Guy Finely, bestselling author of "The Essential Laws of Fearless Living"

  • How to drop your masks of fear and discover your true expression, self- worth and self love
    43 minute interview with Lisa Haisha, Soul Blazer, author, speaker and personal counselor to some of America's biggest Hollywood stars and executives.

  • The Importance Of Fear And Risk Management
    20 minute interview with Frank Mckinney, Real Estate Artist And Best Selling Author  

  • How To Effectively Control Your Emotions and Fears to Live Your Life with Passionate intensity!
    1:20:00 minute interview with Michelle Bersell - America's Emotional Well-Being Expert

Free Coaching with Justin

Each week for the first month we will be selecting one purchaser to receive a single coaching session of unlimited time with Justin for FREE--a value of $150.00. To read more about Justin's coaching, click here.


  • Guide to Being Human Part I  - 38 pages of practical advice and tools to being human in our modern world.
  • Get Out of Your Own Way: An Original Workbook for Inspiring Change - Practical exercises to inspire lasting change

What Others Are Saying...

I’ve seen all too many books boldly claim to eliminate all your fears but do not deliver. Therefore, Justin & co.’s book is a refreshing, down-to-earth take on how to overcome fear, for they acknowledge it’s impossible to scrap away fear. Indeed, fear, as they point out, is useful to a certain extent such as to warn us of danger.

I resonated particularly because the book was organized in a way that different people at various stages of their lives could easily identify with – I have bits of a Wanderer and Journeywoman in me. The short chapters also make it simple to navigate, and all the subheadings are inherently quotable quotes I can use to motivate myself. Assuredly, the guide is not an impulsive call to jump off the mountain cliffs. Rather it’s a practical journey on how to prepare ourselves to let go of the fear – and more importantly, what to do afterwards. For those we hide in their fear, “don’t wait till you are confident,” just grab a copy of this ebook and be on your way towards liberation from fear!

Noch Noch – Noch

Steven RiceOvercoming Fear is a wonderful guide with powerful insights and techniques to help you translate the abstract philosophical truths you may already know into decisive actions that will help you to face your fears.The authors provide wisdom on topics like failed expectations, overcoming the power of the ego, and building confidence. Overcoming Fear is a short, yet powerful message that, if implemented, can transform your life.

Steven Rice - True Spiritual

This was an excellent book about conquering fears and finding the courage to live an authentic life. It brought up so many good points that will inspire you to really question your fears, who you are , what you truly want and if you are abdicating responsibility for your life to forces outside of yourself. Not only does it make you think, it gives some great practical strategies to conquer fear and improve your overall mindset and habits. This powerful book is the type that actually will move you from just reading about making your life better to actually taking action. I will definitely be reading this one over and over again!

Kelli Cooper – Life Made To Order/Kelli-Cooper

Hiten Vyas‘Overcoming Fear: Sticking it to What’s Holding You Back’ is a powerful eBook that explains what fear is at the root level and turns it on its head. It teaches you how you can use fear as a tool to accomplish all that you want to, rather than allowing it to restrict you. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is serious about mastering their fear through practical techniques they can use in their everyday lives.

Hiten Vyas - Hiten

Peter Huetz"Overcoming Fear" is inspirational and made me think about a lot of things.

I very much agree with the baby steps chapter - it's the ingredient for successful change. This eBook is very good to empower your thinking. I would suggest to read it at least twice. Look also for the many action steps that are in it. Don't just read it, do it, and you will see the change! :)

Peter Huetz – Peter

"Do you have fears that are holding you back in life? If so, then this e-book "overcoming fear" is for you. The authors give very practical info on identifiying and managing fears in an easy way. I recommend everyone who are held back by fear to get this e-book as it contains powerful information that can help change your life."

Dia Thabet – 2 Achieve Your Goals

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