by Lisa H.


Welcome to the Conscious Runner Podcast. 

Most of the information I consume is through podcasts; Whether I’m in the car, running the roads or strength training at the gym.

The Conscious Runner podcast is dedicated to one thing and one thing only–helping you rock your life!

The Universe is unfolding EXACTLY as it should. Sometimes it’s gifts come in the form of challenge and strife and other times they come in the form of good fortune.

You don’t always get to choose what happens to you, but you do choose how it impacts you.

Jam-packed with interviews and wisdom, this podcast is about you running your life. It is about taking risks and going the extra mile to achieve better things.

It is about living each day in peace, knowing you’re OK at your core. It is about unapologetically being YOU. It is about FREEDOM!


Warning: Your Running & Your Life Will Change!

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