When You Should Avoid Android Auto Head Unit

Android Auto Head Unit

These days, an increasing number of human beings flip to their phones for GPS and song of their vehicle. And why wouldn’t they? Google Maps is manner better than something lame machine is built into your automobile. Enter Android Auto: the pleasant of what your cellphone gives, however constructed into the head unit of your dash.

Much like Android Wear, Auto has an app that runs on the smartphone, which does all of the heavy lifting for you. As soon as you install the app and plug the smartphone into an Auto unit, it pairs the cellphone over Bluetooth and handles the whole thing else over the USB connection—little or no is required of the consumer to get commenced. This is the identical app that runs the cellphone-primarily based interface, however again, we’ll cowl that during element down underneath.

Once it’s all up and going for walks, you may simply toss the cellphone into the console, into your lap, or anywhere. From this point ahead, it’ll be rendered basically vain—Auto will pressure itself into the foreground of the phone, doing away with get admission to to all controls apart from Home and Back. The idea is to hold your eyes off your smartphone whilst riding. It’s smart.

The protection features don’t prevent with the telephone, either—Auto itself has sure protection features built-in. For example, it’s going to best allow you to scroll thru three pages (or so) in things like Pandora or Google Play Music if the parking brake isn’t engaged. This can make it especially irritating to find a certain playlist or tune, mainly if it’s determined inside the backside half of a listing.

Where Android Auto Falls Short

When You Should Avoid Android Auto Head Unit

Android Auto isn’t best, of direction. The biggest difficulty is with voice manipulate. Sometimes it labored nicely, different times it had trouble expertise. It occasionally has a hard time with Pandora stations, too: pronouncing “Play Alice in Chains Radio on Pandora” doesn’t usually result in Alice in Chains Radio station being performed, but instead the remaining-performed station will just begin—basically, it simply launches Pandora as it doesn’t understand what to do with “play Alice in Chains radio.”

There’s additionally the problem of fee. If you’re getting a new automobile, then you can include Auto for your “want” list and be finished with it. So in case you already have a telephone and a reasonably-priced dock, why spend hundreds of bucks on an Android Auto unit?

Android Auto on Your Phone

The Android Auto app on your cellphone is just like a head unit, with some significant differences. As a long way as interface is worried, the Autophone experience is pretty just like that of a head unit, although the layout is barely distinct. Once the app is released, it forces a totally one-of-a-kind enjoy than what you’re using to seeing on your handset: the entirety is big, the controls are simplistic. The controls are at the lowest—much like at the Auto head unit—with all of the same options, we noticed above. If you turn your phone into landscape mode, but, the controls move to the right aspect.

Also like at the Auto automobile revel in, the menu is located inside the top-left corner. The contents of this menu will change according to something is walking in the foreground.  It’s very intuitive, albeit barely extra confined than the way menus work on head gadgets.

Where the Phone Experience Falls Short

Of route, there are downsides to simply using your phone. Personally, I’ve had heaps of troubles with phones getting warm or even overheating whilst running music and navigation while charging in a dock at the sprint. That’s just loads occurring at once, and the sprint of the automobile is a stupid-hot region inside the summer. I stay in Texas, aka the surface of the sun, in order that doesn’t help. The quantity of instances I’ve had telephones reboot or shut down from overheating is astounding.


So if you’re within the market for a new car, there’s no actual purpose to no longer get one with Auto integrated. It’s extraordinary to have. But if your contemporary car doesn’t have it and you’re thinking about upgrading to an Android Auto head unit, it’s likely higher to simply…no longer. Your smartphone can essentially cover most of the people of the bases, and it’ll prevent a grand. Really, there’s no comparison.

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